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Head Coach:

Paul Youcef Cummings

Coaching professionally since 1992.

From attending the Atlanta Olympics Games as a National Coach through 4 World Amateur Cycling Championships and a National Cycling Title personally, the former Cat1 European racer, former German Cycling Cup winner and National Road Race Champion, he has an enormous exposure to both Heart Rate and Power training techniques.

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Paul Youcef Cummings

Coaching since 1992

HandSling Coaching Head Coach Paul Youcef Cummings was born in 1967 and is a lifetime athlete who has been cycling competitively since 1985 having raced A grade for many years in Australia. He moved to Europe in 1990 to chase the cyclist dream in Burgundy France taking up with a Cat 1 team there. Paul had much success before leaving Australia with State Championship medals and several selections to National Title races. France and racing in France proved to be an incredibly demanding period of racing and while commuting to France and Australia he took up coaching and studied the theory and in 1992 became accredited in Australia as a Road Cycling Coach.

By the end of 1996 he had worked with both Junior and Senior teams on a National level and attended the Atlanta Olympics as coach for the National Cycling Team. In 1997 his professional life took a turn and he engaged in a corporate role the energy industry, during the coming years he would never leave the bike or coaching. He continued to coach and race bicycles and become involved in motorsport. He raced several rounds of the World Rally Championship where he finished 14th in the World Championship on a desert rally bike and tried his hand at karting, winning a National title in that sport.

His cycling continued cycling during these years competing in several UCI Pro 2.1 Tours with a best of 16th on General Classification, he became a National Champion in Asia, raced Cat 1 in Asia and went on to win the UCI UWCT Qualification race, won the German Cycling Cup in 2017 and finished 18th in the UCI UWCT Gran Fondo World Championship in 2017. He continues to race today.

HandSling Coaching Services now operates globally today with athletes throughout Australasia, Asia, Europe and the Middle East utilising the Training Peaks training tools and the WKO4 analysis tools. Primary focus of HandSling Coaching is the intermediate and advanced athletes who understand power training and compete in Road, MTB and Cyclocross disciplines. Beginner athletes who don't posses a power meter are trained using Heart Rate methodology.